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Health, hygiene and disease prevention

Arm yourself with our illness prevention tips to combat the germs lurking in your home and stay healthy with Domestos in your cleaning arsenal.

Health & hygiene advice

With bacteria in the home posing a constant threat, it’s important to know how to protect yourself and your family from disease. By learning about illness prevention, you’ll know how best to prepare your home for a germ attack, be it stomach illness or a common children’s illness.

Catching a stomach illness like salmonella, E. coli, or norovirus is never pleasant, and in most cases you’re just likely to feel very ill for a short time, but salmonella can be lethal if not treated properly. The germs spread as easily as touching the hands of someone who has the infection or by coming into contact with something that has been touched by a person with the infection, such as toys, furniture or countertops. That’s why illness prevention, especially around home hygiene, is vital to stop you and your family from catching these diseases. Don't forget that germs can survive a long time on surfaces.

Children are particularly at risk of contracting illnesses, and though kids are usually equipped with strong immune systems, it’s important to protect them from potentially life-threatening respiratory illnesses like RSV – the second largest cause of death worldwide for children after malaria – or a stomach illness like rotavirus, which is the most common cause of serious diarrhoea. Our article on children’s illnesses shares key information on these diseases as well as how best to prevent them.

To avoid the spread of germs, disinfect cleaning cloths by soaking them for six to eight hours in a diluted solution of Domestos and cold to lukewarm water (please check on pack instructions for further information). Dry the cloths thoroughly afterwards. Make sure to wash your hands and your children’s hands regularly. For more tips on ill health and disease prevention, and how to avoid germ spread in your home, visit Cleanipedia.

Domestos is the ultimate weapon against germs that threaten your family. It helps ensure your loved ones are better protected.