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Protect your home from germs and viruses

Protect your home from germs and viruses


During cold & flu season it’s important to safeguard your home and family from germs and viruses. Follow these easy steps you can take at home to protect your family. 

Prevention is key to reducing the spread germs & viruses. When it comes to the home, ensure you have a highly effective cleaning agent like Domestos thick bleach (sodium hypochlorite). 

Remove germs from commonly touched surfaces in your home such taps, toilets, kitchen counters and door handles with a convenient multi-purpose disinfectant spray or wipe

Observe your family for common cold symptoms such as a runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat, fever, or a general feeling of being unwell. Seek medical advice if you are concerned. See here for further guidance from the NHS. 

Take hand sanitizer with you when you’re out and about, preferably one with a high alcohol content (min 69%). Apply regularly, covering all surfaces of your hands. 

Ensure hand washing with soap is a family priority. If anyone in the family does become ill, avoid sharing towels, facecloths, toothbrushes, and utensils. Wash clothes at a higher temperature (at least 60ºC) to avoid the spread of germs & viruses in the home. Read this article from Cleanipedia to find out how to deep clean your clothes

Contain anything in your home that comes into contact with germs. Put tissues go straight into lined bins or down the toilet and flush immediately – Don’t forget to regularly disinfect your toilet with bleach. Sneezes can travel up to 3 meters spreading unwanted germs, so cover your nose when you sneeze and your mouth when you cough then wash your hands straight away. 

Tell friends & family about the steps they can take to help protect their homes – we all need to be responsible for helping prevent spreading colds & flu. 

We’re on a mission to ensure our homes and families are protected from cold & flu. For more information on how to protect yourself against possible viral infections see the NHS Keep Well, Keep Warm guide. 

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Domestos Partnership with UNICEF 

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