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Toilets on field

Our Mission To Win The War On Poor Sanitation

Find out about our work on improved sanitation in India and what we’re doing with UNICEF to provide cleaner, safer toilets to people all over the world.

Our mission

Did you know that right now, a child dies every two minutes from a disease linked to unsafe water and poor sanitation? And that a clean and safe toilet can change this? Our ambition is to help 25 million people get improved access to sanitation by 2020 and through this, help save and change people’s lives for the better.

Did you know that when you buy a specially-marked bottle of Domestos, you don’t just buy an effective germ-kill product for your home? You also contribute to UNICEF’s work toward improved sanitation, as there are on in three people in the world in danger of sickness and disease because they don’t have a toilet. We’re fighting to change this. Together, Domestos and UNICEF are proof that together we can help save and change lives. With your support we’ve helped 10 million people get toilets and we’re going to help 10 million more

The search for a toilet in the UK is becoming harder with the number of public toilets declining by a third over the last two decades. Domestos believes a clean and safe toilet should be within everyone’s reach so we have launched Use Our Loos , the first-ever national community toilet scheme, with the ambition to make more toilets available to the public by encouraging cafes, restaurants, pubs… to offer the use of their facilities to the community.

Did you know that currently, 272 million school days are lost each year, due to sickness caused by diarrheal diseases linked to unsafe water and poor sanitation? We believe that a clean, safe school toilet should be a right, not a privilege, which is why we work alongside janitors, teachers and kids so they can learn the benefits of healthy hygiene habits and how to maintain toilets clean for the long term, leading to improved sanitation in the schools that need it the most.

As we have helped build over 200,00 toilets for people who had none. We’re helping schools and communities maintain toilets, keeping them cleaner and safer so people have better access to sanitation and a chance to thrive.