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Shot from a white bathroom with the toilet bowl

Our Cleaning Products

When germs come calling – and they will – you need to be sure you can keep your surfaces clean, your family safe, and kill 99.9% of all germs dead. Choose the best cleaning product for your household cleaning, from bathroom cleaners, toilet cleaning products or the multi-purpose range from the UK's No. 1 toilet and bleach brand*.

 Domestos Thick Bleach product
Domestos Thick Bleach
Domestos toilet block
Toilet block cleaner
Zero Limescale product used to clean a toilet
Toilet cleaning gels
A clean kitchen with domestos surface wipes and disinfectant spray placed on the kitchen worktop
Multi-Purpose Cleaners
Disinfectant Wipes
Multi-purpose disinfectant wipes
Multi-Purpose disinfectant spray
Multi-Purpose disinfectant spray
Domestos drain and pipe unblocker being poured into a drain to unblock a sink
Toilet, pipe and drain cleaner
Unstoppable Domestos Bleach
All About Domestos Bleach