Domestos toilet block

Toilet Blocks

Domestos toilet blocks keep your toilet fresh and clean – choose from our range of toilet rim blocks to combat dirt and prevent limescale.

Choosing the best Domestos Rim Block for you

Power 5 toilet rim block

For an all in one toilet rim block, try the Domestos Power 5 rim block which offers five key benefits in one block. From limescale prevention and dirt removal to a fresh fragrance, rich foam, and lasting shine in your toilet bowl. Use Domestos Power 5 toilet block cleaner for a perfectly clean and stunningly fresh toilet.

Power 5 pouch

If you do not want to run out of the Domestos Power 5 cleanliness and freshness in your toilet, check out the Domestos Power 5 pouch. This Domestos toilet block contains five rim blocks in one innovative pack with an open and close seal to conveniently store the rim blocks at home.

Power 5+ toilet rim block

For a toilet block cleaner with all the key benefits plus an unbeatable fragrance, try Domestos Power 5+. This sophisticated rim block with highly concentrated oils releases fragrance even between flushes to continuously keep your toilet fresh.