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Toilet Blocks

Domestos toilet blocks keep your toilet fresh and clean – choose from our range of toilet rim blocks to combat dirt and prevent limescale.
Domestos toilet block

Choosing the best Domestos Rim Block for you

Power 5 toilet rim block

Try the UK's No.1 Toilet Block*: Domestos Power 5. It will leave your toilet clean, shiny, and smelling fresh. Power 5 Toilet Blocks are more than a toilet freshener - these powerful rim blocks are loaded with not 1, but 5 key benefits for a mighty clean and with extra freshness. From limescale prevention and dirt removal to a fresh fragrance, rich foam and lasting shine in your toilet.

* Domestos Rimblocks are UK's No. 1 brand, unit sales, Nielsen, data to 25.01.2021

Power 5+ toilet rim block

Discover the new Domestos Power 5+ Active Blue Water Rim Block for a visibly clean toilet. These powerful toilet rim blocks combine the 5-way action system of Domestos Power 5 with various fragrances to deliver an intense cleaning and lasting freshness, now visible even between flushes. Domestos Power 5+ toilet blocks keep your toilet perfectly clean for longer thanks to its combination of 5 powerful actions: Hygiene, Long Lasting Fragrance, Limescale Prevention, Rich Foam, Shine.

Domestos Power 5 Ocean Toilet Block
Domestos Power 5 Toilet Block
Domestos Platinum Power 5 Blue Water Ocean Toilet Block
Domestos Power 5 Platinum Toilet Block Active Blue Water
Domestos Platinum Power 5 Freshness 24/7 Blue lotus & orange
Domestos Power 5 Platinum Toilet Block Freshness 24/7
Domestos Block Power 5+ Water Pink
Domestos Block Power 5+