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Toilet close up

Other Cleaning Products: Bleach Wipes And Drain Cleaner

Fighting germs is a tough and dirty job, but it’s not impossible – especially with a few secret weapons in your arsenal, like bleach wipes and drain unblocker.

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Toilet wipes and drain unblocker

Domestos Toilet Wipes will help get rid of germs in hard-to-reach areas around the toilet as well as on areas like fixtures and door handles. These bleach wipes fight all toilet germs and will help you clean in all the nooks and crannies where germs can gather. Domestos Toilet Wipes can be used all around the home on surfaces that can be wiped clean.

Germs love to lurk in dark, damp areas like blocked drains. Domestos Sink & Pipe Unblocker is a drain cleaner that gets rid of both germs and dirt clogging up pipes and drains in just 15 minutes. No more worrying about germs festering in the sink and in blocked drains, as this drain cleaner kills germs while unclogging pipes and drains.

Make sure you’re prepared to beat germs all over your home, including blocked drains, with bleach wipes and drain unblocker from Domestos. With the unstoppable force of Domestos, you’ll get rid of them in no time.