Zero Limescale product used to clean a toilet

Toilet Gels

Equip yourself with a trusty limescale remover like Domestos Zero Limescale, and get rid of the nasty stuff you both can and can’t see.

Removing limescale from the toilet bowl

Limescale problems? Toilet limescale is an annoying and often recurring problem, especially in hard water areas. Though limescale itself is harmless, it’s unsightly and can cause blockage issues in your toilet.

Domestos Zero Limescale

Domestos Power Fresh Toilet Gel. For a gel that overthrows germs in the toilet and stops your toilet from getting dirty, Domestos Power Fresh toilet gel is your go-to product. This gel has a battle-ready bottle with a multi-jet nozzle to give you full coverage in the bowl to get into even the hardest to reach places.

Domestos Power Fresh toilet gel not only kills germs and reaches under the rim of your toilet to get rid of toilet bowl stains, it also provides a protective gel shield around your toilet to keep the dirt away. A powerful way to clean toilet stains and get rid of germs regularly.

How it works

Just like Domestos Thick bleach, this limescale cleaner also grips below the waterline to both remove limescale under the surface and kill the germs lurking under it. No more ugly brown stripes or bacteria festering in your toilet. Use it regularly for optimal results.

Effective design

Domestos Zero Limescale has the iconic Domestos bottle design that easily reaches under the rim, enabling it to remove limescale from toilet bowls even at tough angles. Beat limescale once and for all with the unstoppable force of Domestos Zero Limescale.