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Woman wiping surfaces with Domestos

Disinfect Your Home During Coronavirus

Follow this daily checklist to disinfect your home and prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

How to effectively disinfect your home amidst the coronavirus outbreak

An analysis published on March 17 in The New England Journal of Medicine found that the virus can remain viable in the air for up to 3 hours, on copper for up to 4 hours, on cardboard up to 24 hours, and on plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours. Thankfully, Coronavirus is an enveloped cell (which means it’s wrapped in a lipid (fatty) outer membrane) and can be killed by Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) as well as usually being more susceptible to biocides and surfactants.

Cleanipedia has answered further questions on how to protect your home from viruses and maintain hygiene.

Simple rules to follow:

Remove dirt first: It’s important to remove any dirt and grime from your surfaces first, as if the surface is not visibly clean before you disinfect it, germs can hide in the dirt and grime therefore reducing the disinfectants efficacy. Then disinfect: Germ-kill is the next step. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) diluted Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) at 0.5%, and solutions containing at least 70% alcohol, effectively kill Coronavirus.

  • You can create a Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) at 0.5% solution at home by diluting bleach with water to make an effective hygienic cleaner – when using Domestos Bleach to disinfect surfaces, prepare 1-part Domestos Bleach to 9-parts water.

  • When preparing and using the solution, it should be handled carefully with gloves and mustn’t be applied porous surfaces to avoid damage (such as wood, enamel, or scratched surfaces). For new or unusual surfaces, or if in any doubt, test in an inconspicuous area first and always follow on-pack instructions for use and precautions.

  • Alternatively, you can use Domestos’ Multipurpose Bleach Spray as a ready to use and practical disinfection solution for frequently touched surfaces.

Your cleaning checklist:


  1. Put on gloves

  2. Get separate sponges/cloths for each cleaning bucket

  3. Prepare 2 x cleaning buckets:

    • Bucket 1: soap and water

    • Bucket 2: bleach solution

Clean the home

  1. First use a sponge/cloth with the soap and water bucket to clean down frequently touched surfaces to remove dirt, residues or crumbs.

  2. Be sure to include:

    • Tables

    • Countertops

    • Doorknobs

    • Light switches

    • Fridge handles

    • Desks

    • Taps

    • Sinks

    • Door handles

Disinfecting steps:

Disinfect the home

  1. Ensure you have adequate ventilation – open windows or doors where possible to get good air flow.

  2. Use your bleach and water solution to wipe down all frequently touched surfaces or use Domestos’ Multipurpose Bleach Spray, ensuring you always follow on-pack usage instructions and warnings.

  3. Be sure to include:

    • Tables

    • Countertops

    • Doorknobs

    • Light switches

    • Fridge handles

    • Desks

    • Taps

    • Sinks

    • Door handles

Clean and disinfect the rubbish bin

  1. Empty rubbish bins.

  2. Clean bins both outside and inside with soap and water

  3. Disinfect your bins with the bleach solution and allow to dry.

Clean and disinfect the toilet

  1. Wipe down the outside surfaces of the toilet with the diluted bleach solution, and then the seat and rim with a different sponge/cloth.

  2. Apply Domestos Bleach under the rim (around 80ml) and leave it to act for 30 minutes, then scrub with the toilet brush before flushing.

Clean and disinfect the floors

  1. Sweep or vacuum your floors to remove any particles.

  2. Remove any dirt or residues using a fresh sponge/cloth and your soap and water bucket.

  3. Thoroughly soak your mop in a fresh bleach solution and then mop your floors.

  4. Rinse with water to reduce the smell of bleach and leave to dry.

Clean equipment

  1. Wash toilet brush and mop in remaining bleach solution, then rinse with water and allow to dry.

  2. Rinse and clean sponges and/or cloth used for cleaning, then wash them in the washing machine at 60oC.

  3. Remove and clean your gloves, then wash your hands with soap, for at least 20 seconds.

  4. Always prepare a fresh bleach solution each time you clean and dispose of the old one carefully down the sink or toilet. Do not store diluted bleach.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends one good clean and disinfection of your home per day, following a targeted hygiene routine in your home (which includes hand hygiene, laundry hygiene, and cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces). We can all play a role in beating the Coronavirus outbreak, so remain vigilant, arm yourself with the facts, and follow official guidance.