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Domestos drain and pipe unblocker being poured into a drain to unblock a sink

Toilet, pipe and drain cleaner

Equip yourself with our fast-acting sink and drain unblocker to clean and unblock pipes

When you need to get serious about unblocking a sink or pipe, you need to get Domestos Sink and Pipe Unblocker. It not only works hard to unblock your drains, but it also contains a tough formula that will kill germs and bacteria and eradicate any unpleasant odours or nasty smells. With Domestos 15 Minute Sink and Pipe Unblocker you won’t need a plunger (and all that elbow grease!) – just pour the liquid into the plughole and let it get to work on clearing any build-up of hair, soap scum, grease, fat, food scraps and more.  

Did you know? It’s not only our best drain cleaner, but it can also be used as a toilet unblocker liquid! 

Our sink and drain unblocker uses the same technology as plumbers’ products, so you don't have to worry about germs festering in the sink and in blocked drains. Domestos Sink and Pipe Unblocker works in 15 minutes, so you can send germs packing and get your water running again, fast. 

How to use Domestos 15 Minute Sink and Pipe Unblocker from the UK's No. 1 bleach brand* 

Using Domestos is one of the best drain cleaner methods because you don’t need to get your hands dirty. Simply pour the contents of the bottle into the drain or pipe and leave it for the amount of time specified on the bottle. After it’s done its work, you should rinse your pipes and drains thoroughly with hot (but not boiling) water to make sure your pipes are cleared of any blockages. And once your pipes are unblocked and clean, use it as a regular bathroom drain cleaner to avoid future issues.  

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Domestos Partnership with UNICEF 

Read about our mission to help 100 million people have access to clean and safe sanitation by 2030, and how you can support our partnership with UNICEF

Domestos safety 

Always make sure that you use Domestos 15 Minute Sink and Pipe Unblocker according to the on-pack instructions. 

Domestos Sink and Pipe Unblocker
Domestos Sink and Pipe Unblocker
  • 500 ml
  • <5% Chlorine based bleaching agent (Sodium Hypochlorite 4.87g/100g), Non-ionic surfactants, Soap.