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Domestos power foam limescale remover



Tired of struggling to clean in hard-to-reach places outside/across the bathroom**? Say goodbye to germs with Domestos Power Foam Limescale Remover**

Our specially designed to work upside down and remove 100% of limescale, Domestos Power Foam Limescale Remover Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner Spray features a convenient trigger head that works upside down to reach underneath the toilet rim, eliminating limescale and germs* in the hardest-to-reach places both inside and outside the toilet.

But that's not all! Our powerful foam expands to tackle germs on all bathroom surfaces, including tiles, sinks, taps, mirrors, and showers.

Leaving your surfaces free of germs with a fresh fragrance

* Eliminates bacteria and enveloped viruses like vaccinia Ankara.​

How to use

Inside the Toilet & Bathroom Surfaces:​

•Spray Domestos Power Foam evenly on the surfaces to be cleaned.​

•Allow it to sit for 15 minutes to effectively kill 99.99% of germs.​

•Wipe with a damp cloth on surfaces and flush the toilet to complete the cleaning process.​

Important reminders:​

•Do not mix Domestos Power Foam with other cleaning products.​

•Avoid using on marble and linoleum surfaces.


  • 450ML
  • 650ML

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