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The world is undergoing a global sanitation crisis, but Domestos and UNICEF are fighting back.

Meet Virendrs

Virendra, 14, finally got a toilet three years ago, before that he was missing school at least once a month. Not content with getting his own toilet, Virendra is on a mission to spread the life-saving message of good sanitation to his community.

Virendra is one of millions of children who have benefitted from the partnership between Domestos and UNICEF that trains teachers and pupils to champion building toilets both at school and home.

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Meet mother and daughter, Kokila and Kashush

Would you want your daughter to have to go to the toilet outside? Thanks to the partnership between Domestos and UNICEF this is something Kokila no longer has to worry about.

Before Kokila and Kashish had a toilet at home, they had to walk long distances, in the dark, concerned about their safety. Now, they can look ahead to a brighter, healthier future.

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