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Domestos block in toilet

Toilet Blocks

Try a Domestos toilet block to keep your toilet fresh and clean – choose from our range of toilet rim blocks to combat dirt and limescale.

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Choosing the best Domestos Rim Block for you

For an all-in-one toilet rim block, try the Domestos Power 5 rim block. This powerful product offers not one, but five key benefits in a single block: limescale prevention, dirt removal, a fresh fragrance, a rich foam, and lasting shine in your toilet bowl. Use Domestos Power 5 toilet block cleaner to maintain a sparkling clean and wonderfully fresh toilet.

For three benefits in one rim block, try Domestos Total Fresh 3 in 1 Rim block. This triple-power toilet block cleaner freshens with every flush, effectively removes dirt and helps prevent limescale build up. Use a combination of Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach and these rim blocks in the war on germs in your home.