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Teachers happy for kids having sanitary toilets in their school

Improved Sanitation And School Hygiene With Germ Busters Club

Proper sanitation continues to pose a challenge in the developing world. Toilet facilities are scarce and sometimes, when access to them is provided, there is an added challenge of developing good hygiene habits and influencing human behaviour to keep them in good condition. As Domestos, through the Germ Busters Club, we are committed to not only providing improved sanitation to those in need but to also providing hygiene education, which is paramount to a healthier empowered society.

The Germ Busters Club is conducting school visits with the aim of empowering parents and children by teaching them how to clean a toilet and toilet etiquette. It takes 21 days to develop and normalise good hygiene habits, therefore, through our 21-day programme we plan to train children to take better care of the facilities they are fortunate enough to have.

Below are the list of participating schools and Shoprite stores.

Domestos will award 100 schools a R10 000 toilet renovation. Help a school of your choice win by buying a bottle of Domestos and dropping your till slip into an in-store entry box.