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Domestos Cleaner Toilets, Brighter Futures School Sanitation Programme

Shockingly, one in every three schools around the world lacks basic school sanitation facilities. Children at a third of schools do not have access to a clean toilet, either because there isn’t one, the existing one is broken, or simply too filthy to use.

Access to clean toilets is not merely a matter of comfort for children – school hygiene plays a vital role, health-wise. When children are healthy, they concentrate better at school. They will attend more. Ultimately, they will go on to gain an education that will start to break down long-entrenched cycles of poverty.


Domestos Envisages Brighter Futures via Improved School Hygiene



To help change this school sanitation statistic and thus change children’s lives for the better, Domestos launched the Cleaner Toilets Brighter Futures programme. Our global schools programme is two-pronged. Firstly, we undertake maintenance work so that unusable toilets are made clean and fit for use.

The second step involves working alongside janitors, teachers, principals and kids, teaching them healthy school hygiene practices and the benefits of clean toilets. Staff are also taught practical skills on how to keep school sanitation services well-maintained and operational over the long term.


India – A Case Study


People in India lack access to toilets more than in any other country in the world. However, improved school hygiene and school sanitation is beginning to see pleasing results. Implementation of school sanitation in India’s Alwar district for instance, increased girls’ enrolment by a third. Meanwhile, academic performance for both boys and girls increased by 25% after toilets were installed.

Young women suffer disproportionately without access to clean toilets, which is why teenager Akanksha spent five years on a mission to get a toilet for each family in her village in western India. Why? So the girls would have better lives and brighter futures. Since getting toilets, more of her friends go to school and have fewer sick days.


Domestos Cleaner Toilets Brighter Futures: Global Reach


Domestos partners with NGOs, local governments and agencies in countries around the world including Vietnam, South Africa, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Iran, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Philippines, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We are committed to changing people’s lives throughout the world via improved sanitation. As part of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan, we have committed to helping 25 million people gain improved access to a toilet by 2020.

In addition to the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan target, we are dedicated to supporting children by improving access to cleaner, safer toilets at school, and using education on school hygiene, sanitation and behaviour change to ensure they stay clean.