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School classroom with teacher and children

Our Projects For Access To Sanitation

We believe in everyone’s right to a clean, safe toilet – that’s why we’ve partnered up with UNICEF. Find out how our UNICEF projects contribute to the relentless fight for improved sanitation around the globe.

Domestos and UNICEF projects

According to the World Health Organisation, some 2.3 billion people still do not have access to sanitation, e.g. a toilet or latrine. People have to defecate in the open, which exposes them to serious health hazards as well as to embarrassment and safety issues. Lack of toilets in a third of the world’s schools stops students from attending, especially girls with their periods, who commonly drop out, missing out on a proper education. We envisage an entire world that recognises the importance of sanitation, one that pulls together to help change people’s lives for the better.

We’re working hard to change the shocking global sanitation statistics via our Cleaner Toilets, Brighter Futures initiative and our school programmes. These see us provide improved access to sanitation in the form of clean, operational school toilets. We also focus on educating teachers, kids, and school caretakers on the importance of sanitation. Through these Domestos and UNICEF projects, we believe we can make a lasting change for the better.

Underlining our UNICEF projects is our strong belief that a clean, safe school toilet is a right, not a privilege. This is why we work with school staff and students to help them learn the benefits of good sanitation and how to maintain clean and operational facilities. With access to improved sanitation, people in affected communities around the world, including South Africa, can live safer, healthier lives. Children also have a greater chance to fulfil their potential by getting an education.

We’ve helped build over 200,000 toilets, giving people access to sanitation for the first time and literally transforming their lives, while reducing their risk of serious illness or disease. Join us in our fight for sanitation for everyone by raising awareness of the issue and celebrating World Toilet Day on 19 November – together, we’re unstoppable.