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Toilets on field (Domestos helped build 200,000)

Winning The War On Poor Sanitation: Our Mission

Clean water and sanitation are vitally important for adequate human health. Learn about our improved sanitation initiatives in India and find out what Domestos is doing with UNICEF to help provide cleaner toilets to people all over the world.

Our Mission

Did you know that just now, a child dies every two minutes from a disease linked to unsafe water and poor sanitation? It’s a tragic and shocking fact. Access to cleaner toilets can help turn this sad situation around. Improved sanitation in schools saves and transforms lives. Many children in South Africa go to a school that doesn’t have a working toilet. We’ve pledged to help at least 25 million people experience the benefits of improved sanitation by ensuring them better access to a safe toilet by 2020.

Domestos and UNICEF are currently working globally on a combined improved sanitation project.

So far, funds contributed by Domestos have enabled UNICEF to help more than 10 million people worldwide gain access to clean water and sanitation. Positive and reaching change is occurring due to this initiative, which is saving and transforming children’s lives by protecting them from the illnesses caused by poor sanitation and bad hygiene.

Did you know that 272 million school days linked to unsafe water and poor sanitation are lost every year? It’s our belief that a clean, safe school toilet should be a right, not a privilege. Yet so many schools either don’t have a toilet, else it’s faulty or simply too filthy to use. This is why we launched Cleaner Toilets, Brighter Futures.

Our initiative aims to get as many school toilets as possible – including those in South Africa – operational, then to ensure they’re kept safe and clean. We work alongside janitors, teachers and kids sharing the benefits of healthy hygiene habits. We also give practical advice on how to maintain toilets over the long term. This has already led to improved sanitation for thousands of children in areas most affected by poor sanitation.

When it comes to continuing the fight against poor sanitation worldwide, we’re unstoppable. We have already helped build over 200,000 toilets for people, including children, who formerly didn’t have access to one. We remain committed to helping schools with improved sanitation practices so that kids have better access to clean water and sanitation and a chance to thrive, be healthy and concentrate fully on gaining an education.

*Income from sales of Domestos bleach products in South Africa will not be directed towards the project with UNICEF.