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Teachers happy for kids having sanitary toilets in their school

Teachers happy for kids having sanitary toilets in their school

Fixing the problem brick by brick, tile by tile and life by life.

“Thank you to Domestos and Anele Mdoda for helping my school! We are so happy today!” These are the words of Mr. M Nduva, Principal of Thembalethu Primary School.

This year, on the 30th April 2019, Domestos broke ground at Thembalethu Primary School at Lusikisi in the Eastern Cape. The toilet build was funded by a crowdfunding initiative which was launched by Anele Mdoda with the help of Domestos, this initiative helped raise over R1 million towards the new school toilets.

Domestos and Anele Mdoda, joined hands with the Government and various other stakeholders& partners including Norcros SA, Aveng Group, Themba Infrastructure Consulting, MMQSMace as well as Designdex and broke ground to commence the construction of the new toilets that will change the lives of over 600 learners at the school.

In July 2019, Domestos and Anele Mdoda visited the school to check on the progress made and to ensure that the project was on par with complexion. The project is due to be completed in December 2019 and will be revealed and presented to the school in the new year.

This strong partnership will not cease following the completion of the toilet build. Together, the plan has been to raise funds and start building new toilets in more schools for 2020 and onwards It is the brand’s mission is to ensure cleaner, safer toilets for all. To date Domestos has helped 16 million people globally to access safe and clean sanitation – and we won’t stop until every school is afforded safe and clean toilets.

The crowdfunding page remains open and anyone wishing to add their support can click here to donate to the fund directly. All donations are welcome and every cent counts towards changing the lives of so many learners and giving them a chance for a brighter future.