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People working together for cleaner toilets

People working together for cleaner toilets

Fighting poor sanitation side-by-side through partnerships.

In 2018, Domestos gathered stakeholders from government, private enterprise, NGO’s and media to commemorate World Toilet Day at a first-of-its-kind sanitation event: Flush Forum South Africa. The Flush Forum was aimed at heeding the President’s call for collective action to help solve the country’s sanitation crisis in schools.

With school sanitation being a top priority for the South African government, World Toilet Day presented the perfect opportunity to bring together stakeholders from all spheres of South African society for panel discussions, addresses and workshops, to pool knowledge and resources, aiming to deliver holistic and sustainable solutions that would ultimately improve the lives of South Africa’s school children.

An estimated 4.5 billion people in the world are living without proper sanitation and shockingly, 892 million people still practise open defecation. Established by the UN in 2012, encourages people across the globe to support actions that will ensure all people have access to a safe, hygienic toilet by 2030.

School by school, Domestos is solving the sanitation crisis side-by-side with its partners. Join the fight against poor sanitation and let’s be #UnstoppableTogether. To add your support as a partner, sign up here and a member of the brand’s Unstoppable team will be in contact.

This strong partnership will not cease following the completion of the toilet build. Together, the plan has been to raise funds and start building new toilets in more schools for 2020 and onwards It is the brand’s mission is to ensure cleaner, safer toilets for all. To date Domestos has helped 16 million people globally to access safe and clean sanitation – and we won’t stop until every school is afforded safe and clean toilets .