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salmonella bacteria under microscope

How to Prevent Salmonella Infections

Bricks and cement are not all that goes into making a home. Apart from being a place to rest your weary head, our homes are also our sanctuaries of safety. When we are home, we want to be able to feel protected from the dangers of the outside world. But some dangers, high walls, electric fences and locks do nothing to keep dangers such as germs away from our homes.

Salmonellosis, caused by salmonella bacteria, is a disease that affects the intestinal tract. Symptoms include nausea, diarrhoea and fever, and severe cases often leads to hospitalisation.

There are a handful of salmonella causes, but most infections are a result of eating raw or undercooked meat, poultry or eggs. Cross-contamination can also occur during the preparation of food, leading to the pollution of kitchen counters, cutting boards and knives.


So how do you protect your home against salmonella?

Separation is Crucial

As mentioned earlier, cross-contamination is a major cause of salmonella infection. Any utensils (such as knives and cutting boards) that were used to prepare raw chicken should be carefully washed with a dishwashing liquid and water before they are used again.

Wash your hands

Wash your hands thoroughly after you use the toilet or handle raw meat or poultry.

Turn up the Heat

Looking at the colour of meat and its juices is not the best way to determine if it has been cooked properly. The best way to be certain you have eliminated the risk of acquiring a foodborne illness is to cook meat at a temperature of 73˚Celsius.

Keep an Eye on Kitchen Surfaces

Counters and other kitchen surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned before and after the preparation of food. Use a powerful disinfectant such as Domestos Thick Bleach to make your kitchen a germ-free area. Bathrooms are also known to be salmonella hotspots, so make sure you disinfect that part of your house as well.

Be Careful of Fresh Produce

Wash all fruit and vegetables, and peel them if possible, before consuming them.

Don’t let germs rob you of the peace that only a home can provide. Focus on the comfort of home and let Domestos focus on the task of keeping your home germ-free.