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cleaning toilets for better sanitation

Cleaning toilets for better sanitation

School by school, side-by-side, Domestos is helping.

Domestos is not only the country’s market leading toilet cleaner. Since 2010, the brand has also been leading the fight against South Africa’s sanitation crisis through different initiatives, i.e. The National School’s Hygiene Program which teaches learners in 15 000 primary schools basic hygiene principles.

In 2018 the brand also introduced the Janitor program which aims to train and equip General workers on how to properly clean and maintain a school toilet. Eradicating poor sanitation school by school has remained the main mission for Domestos.

For 9 years the brand has fought, and is still fighting, to ensure that every child in South Africa has a safe and flushing toilet to go to.

As Unilever’s leading toilet hygiene brand, Domestos is uniquely positioned to address the sanitation crisis and has been committed to help protect families from germs for more than 80 years. Just one of the brand’s proudest achievements reaching Reach over 5 million school children over the last 5 years though the NSHP and making a commitment to eradicate pit latrines in South African schools and replace them with safer and more adequate sanitation solutions.

Having Domestos commit to delivering more social value is just one step Unilever is taking to meet its goal of helping more than a billion people take action to improve their health and well-being by 2025, and in turn to create a sustainable future.