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Red germs seen through microscope

Hygiene, Health And Disease Prevention

Arm yourself in the war against dangerous germs and bacteria with these comprehensive and effective, no-fuss illness prevention tips, brought to you by Domestos – the number one weapon in your cleaning arsenal.

Health & hygiene advice

Unseen bacteria pose a constant threat to our loved ones at home when it comes to health and disease. Having a clean house is far more than a matter of pride – it’s vital for ensuring you and your family are protected from illness and disease. By learning about illness prevention techniques, you’ll know how best to protect your household from a germ attack, be it stomach illness or a common children’s illness.

Contracting a stomach illness such as salmonella, E. coli, or norovirus is far from a pleasant experience. Mercifully, in most cases you’re likely to feel extremely poorly for a short time span only. However, a stomach illness like salmonella can require hospitalisation and a long recovery period. It can even be lethal if not rapidly and efficiently treated.

Something else that’s scary is how easily dangerous, unseen germs can spread to infect others. They can survive a surprisingly long time on surfaces within the home. Touching the hands of an infected person or touching something they’ve touched – such as toys, furniture or countertops – can pass on a serious stomach illness or other nasty bug. Which is why illness prevention in the form of effective home hygiene is absolutely vital. Protect your loved ones by cleaning regularly with an unstoppable germ killing product like Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach.

Children are high-risk when it comes to contracting illnesses. This is despite the fact they’re usually equipped with strong immune systems. Obviously, you want to do everything you can to protect them, health and disease-wise. Particularly from potentially life-threatening respiratory illnesses like RSV – second only to malaria as the most prevalent cause of death in children worldwide.

A stomach illness like rotavirus is also serious for children – it’s the most common cause of serious diarrhoea. Domestos – when used regularly and as directed - is the ultimate, unstoppable weapon in the war against dangerous germs that threaten the health of your family.

Neglecting to properly disinfect reusable cleaning cloths is a common mistake that allows germs to spread more easily. Remember, simply washing them isn’t enough. Be sure to do the following:

  • Disinfect cleaning cloths by soaking them for six to eight hours in a diluted solution of Domestos and cold-to-lukewarm water. (Always read the instructions on the bottle to ensure this is done correctly).
  • Dry the cloths thoroughly afterwards before using again.

Finally, always make sure to wash your hands and ensure your children wash theirs regularly throughout the day. If you’d like to discover more tips on how to avoid germ spread in your home and how to prevent ill health and disease, visit Cleanipedia