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a hand wearing gloves washing a kitchen sink

What to Clean After Catching the Flu

The likelihood of catching the flu grows tenfold during winter. It's no wonder many people go to extreme measures to keep the flu out of their homes during the chilly season. But in some cases, someone in your household will catch the flu despite your best efforts to avoid it.

Everyone already knows what to do when they catch the flu: get some bed rest, drink plenty of fluids, and take some medication to manage the fever and body aches. But that's not where things end. To prevent anyone else from catching the flu, you need to follow the correct cleaning advice. Here's a list of the household items and surfaces you need to clean after catching the flu:

Bathroom Surfaces

Bathrooms have the potential to harbour flu viruses. Discarded toilet paper, saliva from toothbrushes, and infected hands could leave virus particles on door handles, taps, and toilet handles. Be sure to pay extra attention to these surfaces during and after a flu infection.

Wash and dry bath and hand towels as well as bath rugs to eliminate any traces of the virus. Also, throw away the sick person's toothbrush and disinfect the toothbrush.

Kitchen Surfaces

Plenty of kitchen items and surfaces have the potential to harbour and transmit virus particles. All utensils and dishes that the infected family member used must be washed at high heat in a dishwasher or dipped in a disinfectant solution (half a cup of bleach to three litres of water) if handwashing. Also wipe down tables, chairs, fridge handles, drawers and cabinets.

Living Room

It's not always possible to confine an ill family member — especially a child — to their bedroom. This means that they are also likely to interact with the rest of the family while they are ill. Wipe down remote controls, phones, door handles and light switches during and after the illness. The same should be done to coffee tables that are touched often. Disinfect any other items such as board games and toys that may have been touched during the illness. If the ill person came into contact with the furniture, wash cushion cases thoroughly.

All floors, regardless of where in the house they are, should be thoroughly mopped with a bleach solution and warm water.

Flu infections are an unfortunate part of modern-day life. Fortunately, there is plenty you can do to prevent infection. And in the event that the flu makes its way into your house, there are measures you can take to banish the flu virus. With the right cleaning products and advice, you can rest assured knowing that you can take action to prevent it from running rampant in your home.