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Gross facts about toilets everyone should know

Gross facts about toilets everyone should know

• The World Toilet Organisation states that 892 million people still defecate in open areas.

• Germs can be flung up to a metre in height when flushing. Whenever you flush, germs get air lifted. So, try not loiter in the toilet after you have flushed. 

• According to The Fact File, a study revealed that the more features you have on your smart phone, the longer you will be in the toilet. This probably explains why people like to read in the toilet. Look, we aren’t judging! 

• One of the cleanest cubicles in a public toilet is the first one – it is normally the least used of the lot. 

• Air dryers are unhygienic. A 2016 study revealed that hot air dryers can deposit pathogenic bacteria onto the hands and bodies of users. Rather choose a paper towel or toilet paper to dry your hands. They absorb moisture faster and can be disposed of without a risk of cross-contamination. 

• The water that remains in the toilet bowl after flushing is the perfect breeding ground for germs. So do not use this water for any other purpose

• Inevitably, there are germs to be found on the bathroom door handle. Online reports state that the most common germ you’ll find on doors in a woman’s bathroom is yeast and for men, it’s fecal matter. If in doubt, use a piece of toilet paper or tissue paper to open and close the door. 

Germs are everywhere! The best thing to do is to wash your hands with soap and water regularly, and carry a good hand sanitiser for when you are “on the go.” But, it’s good to know that, even though you cannot control how sanitary a public toilet is, you can control the one in your home. Use Domestos Thick Bleach to clean in the toilet area and the rest of your bathroom for a happier and healthier family.