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Declutter your home in 4 easy steps

Declutter your home in 4 easy steps

Step #1: Get help

Did you really think you’re going to do this on your own? Why would you, when you have kids anyway? Assign everyone at home with a room to declutter – once they’re clear of what needs to be done you can start with your room. It’s easier for kids to get rid of their own items – it teaches them responsibility and allows them to give away items they no longer need to those less fortunate. 


Step #2: Separate your stuff

The more organised you are, the easier it is to decide what goes where and which items you really can’t wait to get rid of. Have separate piles like this:


Recycle – If you have any paper, glass or plastic, add them to this pile to recycle. It’s healthier for the environment anyway. 


Donate – If you’ve out-loved an item of clothing or your children have outgrown their toys, it’s always a good idea to donate it to someone who will need it – look for orphanages in your area as a starting point.


Fix – You may have only worn that pair of shoes a few times before it broke, well it will go in this pile. And if there are any dresses that need stitching, add them here too so you can repair it at a later stage. 


Throw away – it’s beyond getting fixed – get rid of it!


Step #3: Clean

Your house probably looks a mess right now – by now you should have boxes everywhere in their designated piles. Once everything has a place to go to, take them out of the way so that you can clean. And yes, your helpers from step 1 can definitely assist you here as well. Use Domestos Thick Bleach to clean and disinfect your bathrooms, floors, kitchen, door handles and any other area in your home that needs to be taken care of. 


Step #4: Keep it neat

Now that your house is clean and you’ve removed everything you wanted to, keeping things tidy is important. Use storage containers that can fit under the bed to put your shoes, scarves, hats, socks or even coats in. You can always repurpose shoeboxes and put in your tools, socks or photo albums, amongst others.


Decluttering your home shouldn’t be difficult. With a good strategy in place and a few helping hands, your house will be sorted in no time!