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Fast and efficient home cleaning tips

Want to clean your house in record time so you can relax and enjoy the rest of your day? You’ve come to the right place. These house cleaning tips will arm you with the best, quickest ways of ensuring a germ-free home.

How to clean your house?

We may not see the nasty critters, but germs are literally everywhere, including in our homes. We all know they have the potential to make us ill. The secret to keeping your family protected? Make sure to have a trusted and tough germ-killing product, such as Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach, on hand.

Domestos is a powerful weapon helping you to win the war on germs and bacteria and will ensure a thorough clean. If you don’t want your toilet or bathroom fixtures to become a breeding ground for nasty germs, remember to arm yourself with Domestos, and be sure to clean these areas often.

With Domestos as your number one go-to cleaning weapon, you can relax as you clean your house, safe in the knowledge you’re set to triumph in the ongoing battle against germs and bacteria in the home.

Domestos is an unstoppable force when it comes to killing germs and bacteria dead. Did you know Domestos gets rid of more than 99.9% of all known germs in and around the toilet bowl and on work surfaces? There’s simply no stopping it. Your house will smell clean and fresh, too. So, make sure you always keep a bottle of Domestos in your cupboard – as a key element of your cleaning arsenal.

Cleanipedia is an excellent online source providing great house cleaning tips to save you both time and effort when undertaking chores. Find out the best ways to keep your toilet in great condition for example, and discover a myriad of creative household cleaning hacks, including awesome and potentially surprising ways Domestos bleach can be used around the home. With solid, tried and tested tips on how to clean a house like those found at Cleanipedia, you will feel unstoppable as you effortlessly rid your bathroom and other bacteria-prone parts of your home of germs and bacteria.