Domestos toilet block

Domestos Block Power 5+

Domestos Power 5+ Pink Magnolia
1 pc
Domestos Power 5+ Ocean Active Blue Water
1 pc


Discover Domestos Power 5+ Pink Magnolia and Ocean Active Blue Water Rim Blocks for a visibly clean toilet. These powerful toilet rim blocks combine the well-known 5-way action system of Domestos Power 5 with Active Blue Water to deliver an intense cleaning and lasting freshness, now visible even between flushes. Domestos Power 5+ Pink Magnolia and Ocean Active Blue Water toilet blocks keeps your toilet perfectly clean for longer thanks to the combination of 5 powerful actions: Hygiene, Long Lasting Fragrance, Limescale Prevention, Rich Foam, Shine. Maintaining a clean and hygienic toilet has never been easier. The clean Ocean or Pink Magnolia fragrance of these Domestos toilet blocks deliver a long lasting freshness with every flush. 

How to use the Domestos Power 5+ Active Blue Water toilet blocks:

• Unfold the toilet block hook and hang the Domestos rim block on the toilet where the water flow is at its strongest.

• Wash your hands thoroughly after fitting the rim block.


  • Active blue water for intense cleaning and lasting freshness
  • Hygiene, long lasting fragrance, limescale prevention, rich foam and shine
  • Domestos rim blocks keep the toilet perfectly clean for longer
  • Long lasting freshness
  • 100% recyclable
  • Pairs well with Domestos thick bleach, for a fresh and germ-protected toilet