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Multi-Purpose disinfectant spray

Multi-Purpose disinfectant spray

Need a mould remover, grout cleaner, or just simply support with your everyday grime?

Let Domestos multi-surface cleaner be your go-to weapon.

Multi-Purpose Spray

Domestos Bleach Multi-Purpose Cleaner Spray is our best household cleaner with bleach, killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus**. This powerful disinfectant spray leaves your surfaces brilliantly and hygienically clean and is suitable for food preparation areas and most hard surfaces in the house. From the UK's No. 1 Toilet & Bleach brand*.

Domestos cleaning spray uses

Put Domestos spray into action around your home, it’s our best household cleaner for killing germs & viruses wherever you aim! This tough product is the best weapon in your arsenal for everyday use as a:

  • Shower glass cleaner spray

  • Shower tile cleaner spray

  • General bathroom cleaner spray

  • Kitchen worktop spray

  • Sink cleaner spray

And it’s great for those more stubborn stains as a:

Cleaning with Domestos spray

  • Turn the nozzle to spray position.

  • Spray Domestos Bleach Multi-Purpose Cleaner Spray directly onto surface.

  • For disinfection leave for 2 minutes and wipe away thoroughly.

  • For tough stains, leave for a minute before wiping away.

  • Allow hot surfaces to cool before use.

  • Turn nozzle to ‘Stop’ position when finished.

  • Avoid contact with clothing, carpets, and textiles. Do not use on linoleum, aluminium, wood, porous or scratched surfaces and natural fibres. Rinse immediately after use on chrome or plated surfaces.

  • For large surfaces, try our thick bleach to get an even deeper clean.

Unstoppable force against germs

Whether you need a mould remover, grout cleaner, or just simply support with your everyday grime, arm yourself with Domestos multi-surface cleaner for a multi-purpose bleach spray that’s an unstoppable force against germs all around the house.

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Domestos Partnership with UNICEF 

Read about our mission to help 100 million people have access to clean and safe sanitation by 2030, and how you can support our partnership with UNICEF

Domestos safety 

Always make sure that you use Domestos multi-surface cleaners according to the on-pack instructions. 

*Domestos is No.1 Toilet & Bleach brand in value sales, Nielsen, data to 25.01.2021